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İPEKTAŞ Insulation and Construction Materials

We invite you to a warm and quiet world with our professionalism in each project.

about us

The Story of İpektaş Yalıtım

As Ipektaş Yalıtım, we have been serving in the insulation industry for more than 20 years. Since our establishment, we have focused on providing the best insulation solutions to our customers by prioritizing energy efficiency, comfort and quality.

Our Group Companies

With our customer satisfaction-oriented approach and high quality standards, we offer excellent results in every project.

Aktaş Makina

Aktas Machinery

Bağdat Aktaş A.Ş.

Bağdat Aktaş A.Ş.

İpektaş Yalıtım

İpektaş Insulation

Discover the Products, Your Comfort and Your Savings It is our guarantee.


Our products

As Ipektaş Insulation, we act with a perspective that transcends borders and carry our expertise in insulation materials to the world. Our global export approach brings together quality and sustainability.

Insulation Materials

Insulation Board

Insulation Materials


Insulation Materials


Why U.S?

The reasons why we, as İpektaş Yalıtım, are a prominent brand in the insulation industry.

Our strong knowledge on insulation with our years of experience and expert team.

Our commitment to providing high quality insulation materials and providing reliability to our customers.

Our effort to create a global impact in energy efficiency and sustainability by contributing to projects not only in Turkey but around the world.