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about us

Ipektaş Yalıtım is a company with many years of experience in the sector by trading insulation materials. We have been in the construction industry for more than 40 years and continue to direct our commercial adventure with wholesale sales of construction materials for nearly 10 years.

The importance we attach to customer satisfaction determines our quality standards. Our products exceed industry standards for reliability and durability. Working with the best suppliers in the industry, we provide our customers with high quality materials.

Inspiration innovation and opportunities

As Ipektaş Insulation, discover the power of insulation to create energy saving, comfort and environmentally friendly living spaces. We contribute to a more sustainable future by providing our customers with high-quality insulation materials and expertise.

As Ipektaş Insulation, our mission is to make our customers' lives more comfortable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly by offering them the power of insulation. We base our every project on high quality, expertise and customer satisfaction. By emphasizing the importance of insulation, we contribute to a sustainable future.

Our vision is to shape the future of insulation and build a sustainable world. As Ipektaş Insulation, we aim to increase energy efficiency by equipping more projects with high-performance insulation materials in the future. We aim to spread the power of insulation all over the world with innovation, expertise and environmental responsibility.w

Our Quality Principle

We are committed to always providing our customers with the highest quality insulation materials.

Our Expert Team

Our expert team ensures the successful implementation of your projects.

Customer happiness

Our customers' satisfaction is one of our top priorities. We are here to offer you the best service.